This wall-hung ensemble, bringing together polar-white velvet-mat surfaces with the lively wood decor Cortina, appears almost weightless.


The combination of boldly grained wood and a warm shade of white lends this kitchen design a welcoming contemporary feel. The natural-looking wood decor Cortina creates an inviting ambience, providing a warm contrast to the light-coloured furniture fronts.


Ecologically-friendly halogen lights bathe this architectural solution in a warm feel-good light. User-friendly flap door wall units and an oven conveniently set at eye-level ensure maximum functionality and sensible ergonomics. What makes the lano kitchen stand out in addition are perfectly thought-out details that prove particularly practical and enduring in daily use. The new seamless kitchen fronts not only look good but offer a host of practical advantages besides: the velvet-finish fronts are heat-, moisture- and abrasion-resistant, colour-fast as well as exceptionally robust.


The new trend is called “simply chic”, yet it is anything but simple. Minimalist, yes, in as far as it consciously dispenses with all superfluous accessories and opulent embellishments, focusing instead on a harmonious fusion of colours and materials, without this harmony ever seeming simple or even boring.


Quite the contrary: the decor wild oak with its vibrant wood character including fissures and knots brings a surface texture to the kitchen that appeals not only to the eye but equally to the sense of touch. Look, touch and feel – with the added benefit that this simulated wood finish is much easier to care for than the original.


With lano an expressive living-dining kitchen takes to the starting block. Light on its feet but at the same time incredibly robust; harmonious and inspiring; minimalist, yet nevertheless comfortable and highly inviting.


The perfect ingredients for the new “simply chic” styling: wild oak repro with platinum grey. A noble understated composition that its owners will derive endless pleasure from.


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